Train Running Status

NTES which stands for National Train Enquiry System is an Indian Railway portal which provides regular and helpful information to general public about the train running status, route information, train schedule, delay status and much more useful information via Web, Mobile and Landline.

Even though Indian Railways make all-out efforts to run all the passenger trains on time, sometimes trains get delayed, rescheduled, cancelled or diverted to another route resulting in change in the actual Arrival/Departure time from their scheduled time. In such situation, it is better to check the current train running status beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. To server this purpose, Indian Railway launched an official train enquiry website ( which now redirects to the National Train Enquiry System website (

National Train Enquiry

Below are some of the useful features of Train Enquiry website:

  • Spot Your Train : This option allows users to track live train running status just by entering a train number.
  • Live Stations : In this option, users can enter the station name and get list of all train that is going to arrive or depart in next 2 hours, 4 hours , 6 hours or 8 hours at that particular station.
  • Trains Between Stations: This option will give you list all the trains running between two stations. To get direct train between station enter From station, To Station and click Go.
  • Train Schedule : This option will give complete Schedule of a particular train by entering it's train number. Result will contain the name of each station where the train halts, expected arrival time and departure at all station.
  • Trains Cancelled : This option will show you all the cancelled train on that particular day or it's previous day.
  • Rescheduled and Diverted: This options will show you all the rescheduled and diverted trains respectively.

Following is the step by step guide for using Indian Railway Site:

  • Step 1: Open the website The link opens to a page where you need to type a captcha. Type the given image and you will be directed to the main website.
  • Step 2: The website gives you five options depending on the information you readily have so that you can track the train without needing to look for more details.
  • Step 3: The 'Live Station' facility helps you check what all trains are running from a particular station to a particular place and when they shall arrive or depart. Just enter the name of the station and the destination the train you are looking for is travelling to. The current running status of the train is available here.
  • Step 4: 'Train between stations' gives you information about the specific trains that run between two given station. Type in the origin and destination station names and you will get the time of arrival/ departure of the trains as well as information on any kind of delays.
  • Step 5: 'Train Schedule' helps you track the schedule of any given train with just entering the name of the train or train number. You will get a detailed list of the stations that the train passes through and the arrival and departure of the train at each station.
  • Step 6: In special cases like cancellation of trains you can click on the 'Trains Cancelled' tab to get the list of trains that are fully cancelled (train will not run from origin to destination) and partially cancelled trains( train will not go to a few stations).
  • Step 7: The rescheduled trains can be found in the ‘Rescheduled’ section. Here you will find all the trains that have been rescheduled with the time that they have been rescheduled to. The list is already updated. You can click on the train number for more detailed information on which stations the train will reach at what time due to the reschedulement.
  • Step 8: In a few cases where due to line problems, the trains are diverted, you can track them in the ‘Diverted’ section. There is a ready list given with all the trains diverted and via which stations they are being diverted.


  • Station Marked with red denotes that train is departed from these stations.
  • Station with green denotes that train is currently at halt.
  • Green Mark with Flag denotes that train is currently running to the next station.
  • Station with yellow denotes the next station of train.